Insurance industry in Kenya continues to struggle despite income

insurance industry - Kenya struggles

Even though insurers in the African country have been bringing in billions, they are still bleeding money. The Kenyan insurance industry has always faced struggles in selling to the majority of the residents of the country, but despite the fact that it has been bringing in billions, money is still being lost in every direction. The sector continues to have a penetration beneath 4 percent, as has been the case for over 60 years. This has been the case since the first insurer established the insurance industry. That company was…

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Insurance industry in the Middle East and North Africa primed for growth

International Insurance Industry

The Zurich Insurance Group report has shown that the sector in these regions is ready to expand. According to a new report from Zurich, the insurance industry is ready for a considerable amount of growth in both the Middle East and North Africa, and this could lead to a significant level of economic growth in those regions. At the same time, it noted that while there is growth potential, there remain several challenges in the way. The insurance industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region currently has…

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Insurance industry potential identified in African markets

africa insurance market life industry growth

Some marketplaces within the continent are being seen as having considerable growth potential. The current instability in the global economy and the political risks that are still obvious as barriers in the African markets, however, the insurance industry is now discovering that the region also holds a number of potential growth opportunities that have been primarily untapped. This, according to a recent report that has been issued by A.M. Best, the rating agency. The A.M. Best insurance industry report indicated that “Given anticipated development of gross domestic product (GDP) in…

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