One quarter of Americans with a health insurance plan found care too expensive

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Despite the fact that they had coverage medical care was still cost prohibitive for one in four adults. The results of a study conducted by a consumer health group called Families USA have now been released and are showing that despite the fact that they had purchase the coverage of an insurance plan was present, over one in four adult Americans still made choices not to seek medical care because they felt that they could not afford it. This indicates that even though health insurance coverage may be growing, care…

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Ohio insurance costs deemed affordable, for the most part

Ohio insurance auto premiums

An industry trade association has stated that auto and homeowners coverage can be afforded by most people. According to the latest data that has been released from an Ohio insurance industry trade association, auto and homeowners premiums are low enough that they can be afforded by the majority of the people living within the state. In fact, the rates within this state are notably lower than the average in the rest of the country. A report was issued by the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) which has said that this state…

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Michigan health insurance exchange may be passed to federal government

Health insurance deadline

Michigan struggles with building an exchange program Michigan has been grappling with setting up its own health insurance exchange. The state is required to build an exchange by federal law. The Michigan health insurance exchange would provide residents with access to affordable insurance coverage and would likely create more competition in the state’s insurance industry. Governor Rick Snyder has announced that the state may petition the federal government to take over the effort and run the exchange itself. This would mean that the Michigan health insurance exchange would not actually…

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