Uninsured rates are low in the US but health care costs continue to be burdensome

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A new Commonwealth Fund study showed that underinsurance remains a strong concern. The Commonwealth Fund has released the results of a new study which found that health care costs remain a serious burden to working-age adults, even though many had insurance coverage. The study showed that 43 percent of adults had inadequate coverage despite having a plan. Even though many of the working-age adults who took part in the study had insurance, 43 percent of them were considered to be underinsured, meaning that health care costs were still a financial…

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Almost 3 in 4 employees would change their health insurance plan to save money

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A new Centivo survey of workers with employer-sponsored coverage revealed this trend. The results of a recent Centivo survey of employees with an employer-sponsored health insurance plan showed that those workers would be willing to take less coverage to save money. The research aimed to find out how willing workers are to alter their coverage if it improved affordability. What the survey found was that 73 percent of the survey respondents would be willing to modify the core features of their health insurance plan if it meant that they would…

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Florida children’s health insurance available to parents who lose their jobs

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The state is making coverage available to kids in families that have experienced layoffs. Florida children’s health insurance is being made available to families in which parents have lost their jobs and, therefore, their employer-based coverage. The state has created a program to assist families that have lost their jobs and the benefits that went with them. The Florida children’s health insurance program is called Florida Kidcare. Its purpose is to make medical and dental coverage affordable for families with kids and that lost their benefits due to layoffs. The…

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Health insurance adjustment suggested by Massachusetts Governor

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 Gov. Patrick has suggested a few tweaks to the current law that may eliminate a healthcare struggle. The implementation of the core element of the healthcare reforms are now less than a year away, and the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, has proposed an adjustment to the state’s own healthcare access law from 2006, which would apply a penalty to employers who are not making a “fair” contribution to the health insurance benefits of their employees. The alteration to the law would be called the “employer responsibility contribution”. That new…

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