Health insurance plans in Kentucky move forward

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Kentucky establishes new agency to manage health insurance exchange While many states throughout the U.S. have decided to abandon their efforts concerning a health insurance exchange, Kentucky is one of the few that has decided to build and operate its own. State officials chose for the state to run its own exchange in the hopes that it will better address some of the health insurance concerns that are specific to Kentucky residents. State officials have now formed the Office of the Kentucky Health Benefits Exchange, a new agency that will…

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Minnesota health insurance exchange moving forward

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Minnesota health insurance exchange still in a state of confusion A task force formed in Minnesota by the state’s government is currently investigating the next steps the state should take in building its own health insurance exchange. The task force is advisory in nature, but plays a significant role in the state’s future health insurance structure. The association met earlier this week and is expected to provide state lawmakers with recommendations on how the Minnesota health insurance exchange should take form. Lawmakers still unsure how to build an exchange program…

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Idaho will have its own health insurance exchange

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Idaho officials decide the state should operate its own health insurance exchange Idaho will build and operate its own health insurance exchange, according to the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry and the Health Insurance Exchange Working Group. The two parties have determined that it is in the state’s best interests that it operate its own health insurance exchange rather than have the federal government do so. The Idaho health insurance exchange is set to be built in 2014. Now that plans are in place, must work to meet federal…

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New Jersey health insurance exchange makes progress despite setbacks

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New Jersey health insurance exchange moving closer to becoming a reality Hope for a New Jersey health insurance exchange remains strong as a state Senate committee approves legislation that will open up the way for an exchange to be built and run by the state. The bill is similar to one that was passed earlier in the year concerning the same issue. The Democrat-controlled Legislature is expected to ultimately pass legislations concerning the New Jersey health insurance exchange and the state’s efforts are currently on track to have the exchange…

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China works to boost availability of health insurance

Chinese Health Insurance Reform

Chinese government aims to make health insurance and medical care more affordable China has been making significant changes to its insurance industry in recent years. The government has been laboring to make health insurance more inclusive for consumers throughout the country. Though it has seen modest success in this endeavor, the Chinese government continues to work on ways to improve the industry and make health insurance friendlier for consumers. According to Health Minister Chen Zhu, work is being done to ensure ill consumers do not lose everything they have in…

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Health insurance rebates will help make coverage affordable

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The refund checks will help everyone to see lower premiums each year. More than $1 billion in health insurance rebates have been issued to consumers in order to allow insurers to comply with the regulations of the Affordable Care Act, and are now effectively making it less expensive for Americans to maintain coverage. This may also help to push premiums down in the future. According to the Center for Medicare Services acting director of the office of oversight, Teresa Miller, “Consumers who are not getting rebates are benefiting from the…

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Minnesota making significant progress on its health insurance exchange

Minnesota health insurance moves ahead with exchange system. Minnesota is making significant progress on establishing its health insurance exchange system. The state has determined that it will continue building an exchange despite the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act. The federal health care law requires each state to build its own exchange by 2014 or risk losing control of the exchange effort to the federal government. Though the state is committed to building an exchange, the burden of the process falls on the Minnesota Department of Commerce instead of…

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