Small businesses could face financial hardship because of the Affordable Care Act

Business Insurance

January 1, 2014 is when the majority of the regulations that make up the Obama administration’s landmark health care reform bill known as the Affordable Care Act go into effect. President Obama enacted the ACA as a way to insure that all Americans would receive health care coverage that’s both affordable and comprehensive. In addition to putting health insurance within the grasp of many Americans, the new regulations bar insurance companies from denying coverage to anyone seeking it, or charging more because of age, gender, or medical history. Without a…

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HHS introduces new health insurance documents

Health Insurance confusion

HHS combats confusion in health insurance with new documentation When it comes to health insurance, documentation can be tedious and cumbersome for consumers. In the U.S., lengthy documentation, and the confusing language that is used to write such documents, has been targeted by the Affordable Care Act. This week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced the launch of a new health insurance document that is significantly shorter than its previous iteration. The federal agency believes that this revised documentation will provide more clarity to consumers looking…

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