US Health insurance rebates may reach record levels in 2019

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A new report has indicated that the Affordable Care Act refunds could hit $1.4 billion this year. The provision of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which provides millions of Americans with health insurance rebates is expected to reach a record high level this year. Health insurance customers may be receiving more in refunds this year than ever before. In 2012, a component of the Affordable Care Act went into effect which required insurers to pay their customers a medical loss ratio (MLR) payment every fall under certain circumstances. If those…

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New ruling on health care reform rebates for insurance coverage

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Medical insurers must now inform policyholders that their checks are from the Obama administration’s changes. New federal guidelines have just been released, informing insurance companies that they must inform their policyholders that health care rebates that they are receiving are the result of the laws put into place by the Obama administration following the overhaul of the system. This is the most recent step being taken by the President to highlight the benefits of the law ahead of the election this fall. This move is being made despite the fact…

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