Health care reforms get a boost in popularity from insurance rebates

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The checks are being received and people are seeing the positive side of Obamacare. Now that some of the cost saving elements of the Affordable Care Act have been put into place and are being received by individuals, families, and small businesses, the popularity of the health care reforms is rapidly climbing. Many people are starting to feel that insurers are now being forced into fairness. The reason is that part of the health care reforms require insurance companies to spend 80 percent of the money they collect in premiums…

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Will you lose health insurance coverage due to the reforms?

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Many policyholders wonder if their plans will continue after January 2014. When President Obama spoke about the reforms that have now been approved by the Supreme Court, he noted that health insurance coverage will become available for millions of Americans, but at the same time, Republican rival Romney is stating that others will lose the plans they have. What is the truth of the way the Affordable Care Act will impact those already covered? President Obama has stated that there are approximately 250 million Americans who are already covered by…

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Research shows that young Americans are obtaining health insurance

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However, the same study is showing that they continue to carry debt A recent study has shown that while the health care reform will provide an estimated 6.6 million young adults with the ability to continue their coverage on their parents’ health insurance policies, there continues to be a struggle with medical fees and debt among this age group. The changes to the healthcare laws in 2012 by President Barack Obama have made it possible for young adults (the demographic that had previously been the most uninsured age group in…

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