Massachusetts health insurance rebates of over $1 million to be paid by Aetna

Massachusetts Health Insurance

Deceptive student plan marketing and failure to comply with mandated benefits led to the payments. Aetna Life Insurance Co. has agreed to restitution and civil penalty payments of over $1 million in order to settle the charges made against it regarding failure to provide Massachusetts health insurance benefits coverage that is mandated by the laws of the state, as well as for college student plans that were marketed in a deceptive way. Boston’s Suffolk Superior Court received the filing for the consent judgment that contained the deal. It was received…

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Insurance tips for the start of the new school year

As the time grows nearer to the start of the new school year, it is important to look over your insurance needs and consider whether or not they are being met by your current coverage, as there are many issues that can alter your protection requirements at this time. A child’s grade level change, a newly licensed teen, or having a family member who is a college freshmen can each impact the type of insurance you need for auto, health, and homeownership. First, have a look at your auto insurance.…

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