Harvard twin study reveals impact of environment and genetics on insurance rates

Insurance Rates - Harvard University

Researchers examined the impact of the environment and genes across 560 common conditions. The results of a new Harvard Medical School (HMS) twin study examined the way different factors affect insurance rates. The research was conducted in conjunction with the University of Queensland in Australia. The method used in order to examine the factors involved in calculating insurance premiums was novel. The researchers used twin data sets provided by Aetna insurance company. That insurer did not provide funding for this study. Instead, the insurance rates research was supported by grants…

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Aetna insurance company sees surge in profits but still sees weaker forecast

Health Insurance company merger Aetna

Despite the fact that the insurer has seen a strong close to 2015, its predictions aren’t as strong as Wall Street’s. The Aetna insurance company has closed 2015 with a very strong surge in its last quarter earnings, which rose by 38 percent when compared to its previous quarter. Even though its performance was better than predicted, its 2016 guidance has fallen short of Wall Street’s forecast. The insurance company is the third largest health insurer in the United States. Earlier this week, it announced that it is predicting adjusted…

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Aetna leaves Indiana individual policy market

Aetna, Inc., the third-largest health insurance provider in the U.S., has announced that it will be pulling out of the individual policy market in Indiana. The company is the latest in a wave of insurers that have been fleeing the Indiana market recently. The exodus is due, in part, to the waning competition in the state thanks to health insurance exchanges. Exchanges promise to bring affordable options to consumers, often at a price that insurers are unwilling or unable to match. The insurer notified the Indiana Department of Insurance in…

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