California health insurance regulators launches investigation into Aetna

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The insurer’s coverage practices will be examined by the two different state departments. Two California health insurance regulators have stated their intentions to investigate Aetna’s coverage decision processes. This examination of the insurer is a result of a lawsuit filed by a Californian man. The man filed the lawsuit against the country’s third largest insurance company, alleging improper care denial. The two California health insurance regulators will conduct the investigation in order to help determine whether or not Aetna’s decision processes are acceptable. The opening arguments in the case were…

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Aetna to pull out of individual health insurance market in California

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Aetna bows out of individual health insurance market Health insurance has proven to be a divisive subject in the U.S. The federal Affordable Care Act has introduced many changes to the health insurance field, but it is to the extent that some states are taking health care reform that may be causing significant trouble for businesses. While the Affordable Care Act has introduced a variety of stringent regulations, states are also encouraged to adopt their own regulations and make reforms that would align better with the federal law. In California,…

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