April is Alcohol Awareness Month: How will you participate?

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This month is sponsored every year by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). Since 1987, the NCADD has been sponsoring Alcohol Awareness Month for the purpose of boosting overall public understanding and recognition of this issue and to reduce the stigma that has formed around the disease which is all too frequently a barrier to seeking help by families and individuals. This year represents the 27th anniversary and the theme chosen by the NCADD is “Help for Today. Hope For Tomorrow”. The theme of the Alcohol Awareness…

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Addiction insurance in health plans should not be overlooked

health addiction insurance

A Chicago based company is encouraging policyholders to review their coverage for a better understanding. Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment, a company based in Chicago, has been attempting to spread awareness of addiction insurance among Illinois residents who may not even realize that their health plans may now offer them a range of different alcohol and rehab benefits. The health care reform has added substance abuse treatment to many policies but policyholders may not realize it. The organization is encouraging people in Illinois to check on their coverage, even if…

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Insurance has been letting heroin addicts down

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Patients addicted to drugs have found that their health insurers have been declining their claims. Breaking out of an addiction to heroin is not an easy feat, requiring intense therapy and assistance, typically in the form of an inpatient program that is often covered by many health insurance plans. However, many policyholders are finding that when they need it, the coverage simply isn’t there. A program to help a heroin addict will involve an evaluation by at least one medical professional. It may also require a certain length of time…

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Healthcare reforms will ensure rehab services of celebrity quality

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The new federal coverage laws will ensure that citizens will have the same services Cory Monteith is using. The importance of rehab services has been in the spotlight this week as Cory Monteith, of Glee fame, completed his own stint to recover from drug abuse, and at the same time, it has brought the healthcare reforms and their addiction coverage into the spotlight. The changes to the law, which will go into effect next year, will make sure these services are available to everyone. The lead actor may be an…

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