Abortion insurance ban reversed by Texas House

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The House Calendars Committee sent a controversial bill prohibiting the coverage to the full chamber. On Sunday night, the Texas House Calendars Committee made the decision to reverse a controversial bill that banned abortion insurance coverage from being included in the health plans sold over the exchange. This stopped the marketplace for Affordable Care Act compliance from selling plans covering abortions. As a result of the decision of the committee, this abortion insurance bill will now be sent back to the full chamber for a vote. The reversal has to…

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Rape insurance now implemented in Michigan

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The controversial law regarding coverage for abortions has now become effective in the state. The highly controversial Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law, which has been nicknamed the “rape insurance” law, has now gone into effect in the state of Michigan, which would require women to purchase separate plans in order to cover an abortion except in a case in which the woman was a victim of a sexual crime that caused her to become pregnant, or if the unborn baby was putting the woman’s life at risk. Supporters have say that…

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Abortion insurance ban considered for some NC policies

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The state is looking into stopping private health plans from being able to provide this coverage. The state of North Carolina is weighing a proposed law that would stop abortion insurance coverage from being included in the health plans that are sold within the online exchange starting in October 2013. This would not be a regulation for all insurers in the state, but only those who plan to sell over the public marketplace. Limiting the private abortion insurance coverage is permitted under the federal healthcare reform laws that require nearly…

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