Homeowners insurance industry officials recommend that consumers review coverage

Hurricane Isaac Homeowners Insurance Industry Damages

In light of the current hurricane season predictions, it may be wise for property owners to review their policies. The homeowners insurance industry has recently released a number of statements recommending that consumers take a moment to review the coverage they have so that they understand the type of coverage that will be available to them throughout the current hurricane season, which is expected to be an active one. This is a practice that insurance companies typically recommend on an annual basis, but reminders may help. According to the homeowners…

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Hurricane insurance rates increase in Florida regardless of the lack of storms

Florida hurricane insurance rates

Many residents of the state are wondering why they’re paying more when it has been many years since the last catastrophe. Florida hurricane insurance rates have been on the rise and while that may not have drawn much attention at one time, many residents of the state are wondering why they should have to pay more when it has been more than a decade since the damage left behind by Hurricane Wilma. When Hurricane Wilma smashed through South Florida, devastation worth billions was left in its wake. However, despite the…

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