Don’t Forget About Flood Insurance

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The Atlantic hurricane season has arrived and that means people may need to consider ways to protect themselves. This year’s hurricane season has already been somewhat active, but no devastating storms have yet struck the U.S. This does not mean that the country is safe from such disasters, only that one hasn’t showed up yet. It is impossible to tell when or where a powerful hurricane will form, so it may be a good idea to get a better understanding of flood insurance. One of the defining aspects of hurricanes…

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Flood insurance enters the limelight as hurricane season begins

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Hurricane season is bringing more attention to flood protection The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season has started, and weather forecasters are predicting that this season may be quite active, but the storms emerging during the season may be modest due to the effects of El Nino. There is no certain way to tell whether or not the hurricane season will be free of any powerful storms, as 2012’s Hurricane Sandy was quite unexpected itself. The impact of an unexpected storm can be devastating, which is why there is a growing interest…

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Hurricane season preparedness is better than typical in Florida, this year

Florida hurricane insurance rates

The insurance industry is more ready than usual as this year’s highest risk period for the storms begins. This hurricane season, Florida feels that its insurance industry is better prepared than it has been in quite some time, after having enjoyed eight consecutive years in which the massive Atlantic storms have not caused catastrophes within the state. Now that the season for these major storms has begun, the state is ready to see what this year has to offer. The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season got started on June 1 but…

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