California Department of Insurance estimates suggest $1.05 billion in wildfire damage

forest fire California wildfire loss

Official estimates indicate that the devastating wildfires that plague the state will create billion dollar losses. The California Department of Insurance has released an estimate for the damages left behind by the catastrophic wildfires that have left historic damages in the state. The department believes the insured wildfires losses will reach at least $1.05 billion. This estimate is based on the claims received so far from the eight largest Californian insurance companies. Following that estimate, the California Department of Insurance also revealed that it expects the figure to grow. By…

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Forecast predicts a third of companies will cut health benefits

A new study from prestigious consulting firm McKinsey & Company suggests that as much as 30% of the nation’s employers will be making drastic changes to the insurance they provide to their employees. The firm suggests that the more these companies learn about upcoming insurance changes stemming from last year’s Affordable Care Act the more likely they are to make such changes. The study anticipates that these businesses will cease offering health care benefits or restrict access to such benefits to a select few in their service. If the study…

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