Swinton Bikes Encourages Motorists to Slow Down

Swinton Bikes Encourages Motorists to Slow Down

Speeding has been around since speed limits were begun.

Excessive speeds can cause you to have heftier fines, more points, and higher insurance rates. Additionally, it endangers your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Many motorcyclists are breaking the speed limit regularly and Swinton Bikes is encouraging motorcyclists to slow down.  Swinton Bikes, the UK’s biggest retailer of motorcycle insurance, advised motorists after the Department for Transport figures showed that about fifty percent of them were exceeding the speed limit in 2009. The excessive speeds were found on dual carriageways, motorways, and 30 mph limit roads. These are all places with heavier traffic, where speeding endangers many.

If a motorist is caught speeding, there are major consequences for them.  Speeding could endanger their life and the lives of other drivers.  Also, the motorist would get fined and receive penalty points.

Depending on the offence, a motorist could have conviction code SP30 or SP50 on their license record if they are caught speeding.  This conviction could stay on their record for up to four years.  The motorcyclist could also receive a huge fine and their motorbike insurance premiums could go up drastically.

Antony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes, states that “we are urging motorcyclists to stay safe on the road by slowing their speed down, especially in the winter months.” He also warned that speeding is dangerous, can cause you to receive a fine. Being caught speeding can also add points to your driving record, driving up your insurance costs.

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