Survey: “Would You Trade Your Privacy For Lower Car Insurance Rates?”

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Car Insurance Survey by CarInsuranceCalculator.infoAccording to a recent press release, the NHTSA aims for all cars manufactured after 2014 to come with a little black box (Event Data Recorder – EDR). Proponents stress increased safety and savings on insurance premiums, while opponents underline the threat to privacy and even forecast increased premiums; wraps up and issues a survey to ask consumers how much do they value their privacy.

The initiative by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would require all cars manufactured after August next year to come with Event Data Recorders (EDR), sometimes also referred to as “little black boxes.” Some automobile manufacturers, e.g. General Motors, already started placing EDRs from the early 1990ies into their vehicles.

While the initiative aims basically at collecting data to increase traffic safety some proponents and the first insurance products using similar technologies suggest also the potential benefit of lower rates for driver’s playing by the rules. Opponents however keep underlining the high value of privacy and might even suspect such tracking devices being used to increase insurance rates according to driving habits without the necessity of filing a claim first. “It’s pretty clear that many are not only unsure about the actual purpose of EDR,” explains Steven, project manager at auto insurance guide, “but also want to know more about the actual capabilities and limitations of EDR. It’s a clear goal of our new guide to answer those questions but also to ask who actually would give up privacy for lower rates.”

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