“Superstorm” strikes Alaska – Severe damage from wind and floods expected by insurers

Alaska SuperstormThe National Weather Service has issued a warning to Alaska for what it is calling “The Bering Sea Superstorm” The storm made landfall in the Western parts of the state earlier today, bringing powerful waves and hurricane-force winds. The National Weather Service fears that the storm may cause extensive damage to coastal properties as well as power outages throughout the state. Alaska’s insurance industry will likely be busy for the remainder of the year as it attempts to recover from the event.

According to the NWS, winds of 89mph and waves as high as 6 feet have already been reported. Insurers predict that the storm may be the most severe Bering Sea storm in the state’s history. At the height of the storm’s intensity, the NWS estimates that water levels in the state may rise by as much as 10 feet, and winds may be in excess of 100mph.

How much damage the storm will cause is impossible t determine, but insurer expect extensive damage to be done to coastal properties and businesses. The power outages that will likely befall the state will interrupt commerce to some degree, and will put some strain on residents who are already battling a chilly season. FEMA has yet to respond to the event as it has not yet been official declared a disaster. That may change, depending on the extent of the damage, which will grant additional resources to insurers.

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