Study shows that the number of young adults without health insurance has fallen

Health Insurance NewsA recent survey has shown that as a result of the Obama healthcare law that allows young adults to maintain coverage through their parents’ health insurance plans, the number of uninsured people in that age group has fallen dramatically.

The survey was performed by Gallup, and indicated that there are now approximately 1 million more young adults who are covered by health insurance.

At a time that the economy continues to struggle and the future is uncertain, it has been challenging for young adults to take those first steps into the workforce. However, the new insurance laws have made certain that fewer of those individuals are being forced to live without medical coverage.

The results of the Gallup poll showed that the number of adults from the ages of 18 to 25 and who are not covered by health insurance have fallen from 28 percent last autumn, to 24.2 percent within the 2011 second quarter. This, despite the increase in the overall number of Americans of working age who are not covered.

According to the polling director at Gallup, Frank Newport, “While we did not see a drop-off in any other age group, we did see a drop in this age group.”

There remains a significant amount of controversy regarding the overhaul to the healthcare system by the Obama administration, however, the coverage opportunities for young adults has shown to be a widely accepted and relatively affordable way for families to include their adult children in their plans during the transition time between school and work.

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