Student health insurance plan axed at Boise State

college student health insurance accident

Beginning in the Fall 2015 semester, the school will be discontinuing the coverage that it provides.

Boise State has announced the results of a meeting held by the State Board of Education, in which it was decided that the student health insurance plan would no longer be available as of the start of the Fall 2015 semester.

The original university health plan requirements for students is going to be amended for that time.

Though it will still be necessary for full-time students to provide proof that they have a student health insurance plan of some kind, it will now be necessary for them to seek it out and buy it for themselves. They will no longer be able to purchase it through Boise State. While other universities in the state will have the option of selling those plans if they want to, Boise State has already said that they will not be choosing to do so.

Those currently covered by the student health insurance through the university will still be covered but it will not renew after that time.

college student health insurance accidentAccording to the Patient and Business Services assistant director, Tara Brooks, “There was a consortium that Boise State was part of, and there was kind of an overwhelming vote to say, ‘We don’t want to continue with this contract as far as offering this plan,’ and so therefore that plan dissolved.” Brooks explained that there has been a significant trend in the rising cost associated with SHIP (the Student Health Insurance Plan). Students who have been paying into the coverage have found themselves paying an increasing amount.

At the moment, there are about 2,500 students who are enrolled in SHIP and who will need to find a new insurance plan when the fall semester begins so that they will be able to show their proof of coverage at that time. Brooks has pointed out that Health Services and Your Health Idaho will working together and will seek the assistance of local insurance brokers in order to ensure that students will be able to find the coverage that they require.

The proof of student health insurance that will need to be provided in the fall semester will need to comply with the current policy of the Affordable Care Act.

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