State Farm will power Illinois corporate facilities with renewable energy

State Farm - Renewable Energy

The insurer has signed an agreement with Constellation to purchase the green electricity.

Insurance company State Farm recently announced that they have signed a new agreement with one of the leading power and natural gas suppliers in the United States, Constellation, to power the Illinois corporate facilities with renewable energy.

The energy strategy is a component of the insurance company’s broader decarbonization effort.

State Farm has been making a number of environmental impact commitments lately, and this renewable energy agreement is among the latest steps it has taken. The agreement with Constellation also includes energy management products.

State Farm - CO2 Emissions

The insurance company has set a 50 percent greenhouse gas emission reduction goal for 2030. It intends to achieve that goal by making a range of different moves for the promotion of renewable electricity generation in markets where it is well established.

The insurer is going to buy renewable, zero carbon emission electricity to the equivalent amount of that it currently requires for powering its corporate headquarters in addition to its operations center and its other facilities located in Bloomington, Illinois.

State Farm is solidifying its commitment to shrinking the impact it is having on the environment.

“State Farm is committed to reducing its overall impact on the environment and addressing climate change,” explained vice president of Administrative Services and Public Affairs Jenny Greminger in a recent news release issued by the insurer. “Our efforts to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and lessen our carbon footprint is just another example of State Farm’s pledge to be a good neighbor.”

The insurer’s eight Bloomington, Illinois facilities will require the purchase of about 103,000 megawatt hours of renewable electricity from Constellation per year. This represents the equivalent reduction of about 74,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per year, or the same as removing around 16,000 gasoline powered cars from the road for a year. Those figures from the insurer’s news release are based on the US EPA’s greenhouse gas equivalencies.

The company has been rolling out a number of carbon footprint reducing initiatives in the United States, as well as those for improving energy efficiency and reducing waste.

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