State Farm launches new ad campaign featuring NBA stars

State Farm - NBA game arena

The campaign included the commercials run during the popular Christmas Day games

State Farm launched its new NBA ad campaign, which ran its first commercials during the popular Christmas Day games. It is the next step of the insurer’s Surprisingly Great Rates messaging that was first rolled out during last year’s season.

This season, the insurance company is focusing on a new and very specific concept.

The idea behind State Farm’s campaign this year is that people usually try to live their lives based on their own assumptions, but that they’re not always right.

“State Farm is debuting its new NBA ad campaign during the NBA’s popular Christmas Day games,” said the company’s head of marketing Alyson Griffin. “Not only will fans hear about how State Farm has surprisingly great rates that fit any budget from Jake and Chris Paul, but they’ll also see some of our new friends, Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young and Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanović.”

State Farm - NBA Basketball

To express this concept, State Farm worked with a number of big names from the NBA.

The “Photo Shoot” commercial placed Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns point guard and Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks point guard in the spotlight with the insurer’s Jake. In the commercial, Chris is showing Trae how the work they do on the court isn’t as simple as it appears, just as most people likely assume that getting great coverage can’t be affordable. Jake shows up to explain that the insurer’s rates can work with any budget.

The “Rings” commercial had Boban Marjonović, Dallas Mavericks center, hanging out with Jake in the player’s living room. There, Boban is working hard to scrub out the water rings in his dark wood coffee table. Jake explains to the viewer that everyone assumes that NBA players must all want rings, just as they think that they wouldn’t be able to afford great insurance coverage. As he speaks, Marjonović becomes frustrated – not interested in those kinds of rings – when he discovers that Jake hadn’t been using a coaster that whole time.

State Farm held NBA Christmas Day advertising across all the ESPN platforms as the insurer had full ownership of and SportsCenter on Snapchat for a full 24 hours. The insurer was also the Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and ESPN App sponsor of NBA Hoop Streams Digital Live Show.

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