State Farm insurance company receives zero waste certification

Insurance Company - World 1st Certification

The property & casualty insurer is the first in the world to receive TRUE certification

State Farm recently announced that it has become the first property & casualty insurance company in the world to receive TRUE certification.

The certification was awarded to two of the insurer’s facilities

In the insurance company’s news release on the subject, it pointed to the new TRUE certifications for its two zero waste facilities as a direct reflection of the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability as well as responsible resource use and dedication to pursuing and identifying operational efficiencies.

Insurance company - Eco-friendly - zero waste

Beyond the two facilities, State Farm as a whole has been making important steps forward in its effort to be more eco-friendly.  That said, the spotlight has been placed on its Multi-Regional Services Facilities (MRSFs) which have shown to exceed the over 90 percent landfill diversion goal.  This means that the locations beat the requirement for becoming TRUE certified and managed to accomplish this in late 2023.

The insurance company facilities were well above the minimum landfill diversion requirement

The MRSF for the Central region, which is located in Illinois, managed to achieve a notable 96 percent landfill diversion rate for the waste produced by the location.  Similarly, the East region’s MRSF was able to achieve a 96.3 percent diversion rate, which was only just slightly higher than the Central location, both of which were well above the 90 percent required for certification.

In order to achieve this milestone, State Farm deployed a cross-functional Zero-Waste Champions group.  They were able to implement 30 different waste strategy improvements last year.  This included adjusting hauler schedules, right-sizing the waste bins, and tracking pallet reuse.

Reducing waste

“State Farm is committed to reducing waste throughout our campuses, sending less waste to landfills, and recycling, reusing or refurbishing materials,” said insurance company Corporate Executive David Gwarda in State Farm’s news release. “It is one more way we are showing how being a good neighbor starts with us.”

The insurer stated that practicing environmentally sustainable workplace behaviors is an important part of supporting the community and creating a better future that everyone will be able to enjoy.

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