Sony gets hacked in latest ring of cyber crimes

Cyber Liability InsuranceSony Corporation’s computer system is the recent prey of the latest attack launched by unscrupulous hackers. The group LulzSec claimed responsibility of the recent attacked. The incident proved that even Giant electronic companies like Sony are also vulnerable to different types of security infringements like hacking.

LulzSec is the same group that also claimed to have made the attacks on world renowned television networks like and U.S. PBS television. The server of electronic giant, Sony is its latest prey. LulzSec claimed it successfully hacked the server running the websites of Sony Pictures Entertainment. It had also claimed responsibility for the hacking Sony Music Japan.

In it’s publish statement, LulzSec claimed it easily encroach into Sony’s network system with merely a single try. To prove its claim, the unscrupulous group of hacker posted the basic personal info of the million users especially those who have joined in different promotions of Sony.  Data posted by the hackers include Sony users’ names, post and email addresses, telephone numbers and even some passwords.

The recent attack on Sony came just in time when this electronic giant was trying to make their case to lawmakers in the United States by assuring them to safeguard its computer networks amidst the rising number of cyber attacks. Hence, the incident has become an eye opener for policy makers to come up with appropriate measure to address cyber security effectively as well as the need for cyber liability insurance for businesses today.

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