The Best Way To Ship Your Car To California

Cross-country moves are becoming more and more popular these days with new businesses and opportunities popping up all over the place. This is especially true when it comes to people moving to California to pursue jobs in Silicon Valley and to enjoy the temperate climate.

This also means an increased need for shipping logistics and getting mobile assets from one coast to another. Keep reading for some considerations to decrease travel costs, protect your car from wear and tear, and things to expect from a car shipping company.

Why Should You Ship Your Car?

While road trips can be fun in moderation, driving your vehicle from New York or Texas to California can put a lot of unnecessary miles on your car and cost a lot of money. When you’re planning a big move from coast to coast and considering all of your moving expenses, it’s easy to forget that a 3,000-mile trek from New York to California doesn’t just cost gas money. It also includes lodging, extra meals, and the need for an oil change sooner.

California Car Shipment

You may even encounter inclement weather, depending on the time of year, which can slow down your journey or cause damage. To save money and safely move your car to its final destination, shipping is the way to go.


How To Ship Your Car

Shipping and moving companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are perfectly suited to moving boxes and furniture, while others are equipped to handle large assets like vehicles. When you’re looking to ship a car from New York to California, do your research to find the right company.

The right company will:

  • Be transparent about all booking and transport fees upfront
  • Have proper licensing
  • Have excellent reviews
  • Communicate in a timely manner

Some companies will also offer a door-to-door service where they pick your vehicle up right from your home and deliver it to your new address. No hassling with gate keepers or storage facilities to find your car after its journey across the country.

To set up your car shipment, simply call the transport company you’ve vetted and book the day you’d like your car to leave. Then, they’ll be able to tell you your expected delivery date. If they don’t satisfy the most basic requirements listed above, that should raise major red flags.


Who Should Ship Their Car

As stated above, shipping a car is the preferred way to make a cross-country move. However, automobile transport companies don’t just move single vehicles. High-quality companies can also transport entire corporate fleets and military vehicles.

These additional services mean that no matter why a move is being made, you’re covered. Whether you want to ship a car from Texas to California for work or a new adventure, leaving the logistics up to the experts frees up your time and energy to focus on more important things like researching your new neighborhood, discovering the best places to dine, and coordinating your utilities.

With the right shipping company, you and your car will both arrive at your destination safely!

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