Severe weather in Georgia prompts concerns regarding homeowners insurance

Georgia Homeowners Insurance

Double checking insurance policies becomes a priority as weather conditions worsen

Georgia Homeowners InsuranceSevere weather is expected to create some problems in Georgia. Forecasts predict that weather conditions in many parts of the state could be “very dynamic” this week. What this means is that tornados and heavy rainfall could be seen in parts of the state and these events could lead to significant property damage for homeowners. As such, Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens has begun offering advice to homeowners that may fall victim to property damage.

Homeowners are being encouraged to consider acquiring flood protection

One of the most significant pieces of advice that the Commissioner is offering is understanding what homeowners insurance policies do and do not cover. Some policies will protect against the damage caused by strong winds, but a scant few policies actually provide coverage for flood damage. Those seeking protection from floods must find coverage through the federal National Flood Insurance Program. Without appropriate protection, a period of heavy rainfall could cause insurmountable financial damage to a property that could take years to recover from.

Photos could be useful evidence for victims of natural disasters

Commissioner Hudgens is also advising homeowners to make a list of the furniture and valuable possessions that are in their homes. Photographs of these possessions could be quite useful in the case of filing an insurance claim. Photos can often be used as proof that valuables have been lost in the event of a natural disaster and an abundance of evidence can expedite the claims process considerably. Hudgens is also advising homeowners that have roof damage to cover any exposed parts of their property with tarps in order to protect against water damage.

Double checking policies should become a priority for homeowners

Weather conditions may be impossible to control, but homeowners insurance is a more manageable situation for most property owners. One of the best ways to protect against a natural disaster is to understand what a policy does and does not cover. According to Commissioner Hudgens, double checking the coverage that a particular homeowners insurance policy provides should be a top priority for property owners in risk prone areas of the state.

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  1. The articles misses the fact that OTHER carriers other than FEMA-based carriers are available for flood insurance. FEMA sells thru regular homeowners insurance carriers under those brands, but companies like Lloyd’s of London sell NON-FEMA policies. Those can be quoted by insurance brokers that have access to them like

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