Sentry Insight tool to help insurers address emerging risks

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Sentry Insight set for launch by Sentry Insurance

Risk management is an inherent and important part of the insurance industry. Insurance companies have access to tools that allow them to accurately calculate their exposure to risk and the financial consequences associated with certain disasters, whether they be financial, natural, or otherwise. The landscape of risk is beginning to change, however, with new problems emerging to challenge the industry as a whole. In the U.S., managing these new risks is quickly turning into a tricky business, thus Sentry Insurance is set to launch a new tool called Sentry Insight that will help insurers understand emerging risks.

New tool designed with consumers in mindSentry Insight - a new risk management tool for industry

Sentry Insight is designed with a strong focus on the needs of consumers. This will provide the insurance companies using the tool a better way to manage the claims they receive from customers and mitigate the impact of emerging risks. Those using the tool will be able to monitor and manage the total cost of risk using both internal and external resources, as provided by Sentry Insight. The tool will also be a boon for consumers as it will provide them with important information concerning their claims and what they can do to prepare themselves for future disasters.

Risk managers may benefit from Sentry Insight tool

Risk managers for insurance companies and other corporations are expected to benefit from the Sentry Insight tool. The tool will allow risk managers to receive near-real time information concerning issues that could potential affect business. The majority of this information will be claim-related and customizable alerts can be set up through the tool so that risk managers can get the information they need on a specific issue as soon as it becomes available.

Emerging risks may present problems for some companies

Sentry Insight is yet another risk management tool that is designed to address the rapidly evolving risk landscape of the U.S. New risks are emerging because of new regulations from the federal government, political tensions between the U.S. and other countries, new businesses entering into the national market, and various other factors. Sentry Insight aims to help companies address these risks in an efficient manner that will not end up adding to administrative costs.

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