Senator Rubio outlines plan to address health insurance system in the US

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Rubio provides insight into his plan to reform health care

The political wheel in the United States has begun to turn once again as presidential campaigns begin to kick off throughout the country. Many have announced their campaign for the presidency, including Senator Marco Rubio, who believes he may be able to change the way the country’s health care system works. Senator Rubio recently outlined his plan to change the health care system and how health insurance works, seeking to make the most significant changes the country has seen since the Affordable Care Act.

Plan would seek to reduce the cost of insurance coverage through tax reform

One of the key features of Rubio’s plan is to limit the tax-free status of employer-sponsored health insurance plans. Currently, approximately 150 million people receive such coverage and, if Rubio’s plan is successful, they would have to pay taxes on these plans in the future, unless they purchase a less expensive insurance policy. These low-cost policies would also be covered by individual tax credits that would be provided by Rubio’s health care initiative.

Tax credits will help people afford health insurance coverage

Health insurance ratesAccording to an op-ed from Rubio, which outlines his view on the nation’s health care system, the credits provided to consumers throughout the country would increase every year, allowing them to obtain better coverage as time goes on. He also claimed that he would work to repeal the health insurance premium increases that have been seen under the Affordable Care Act. Over the past few years, insurance rates have been on the rise throughout the country, and this has placed many consumers under significant financial pressure.

Plan aims to revive high-risk insurance pools in several states

Senator Rubio’s plan may provide employees with more options when it comes to health insurance coverage and it may succeed in reducing the cost of coverage overall. The plan is not dissimilar from those proposed by his opponents, however, but Rubio suggests that his plan will lead to a significant decrease in the cost of health insurance coverage, especially with the revival of high-risk insurance pools that had once been active in many states. Such pools provided insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

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