Scooter insurance may not be included in your home or auto policies

Scooter insurance - people riding electric scooters

Those enjoying one of these convenient electric devices may want to be aware of their coverage.

Scooter insurance – or the lack thereof – is a rising concern now that these electric devices are increasing in popularity. Of course, it’s not necessarily their popularity that is leading to the concerns. Instead, it is the rise in traffic accidents, head injuries, and even fatalities associated with adding them to traffic.

Many riders don’t realize that their electric mobility option may not be covered under their insurance.

Electric scooters are taking off in over 100 cities around the world. They offer compact, convenient and affordable mobility. For individuals who need to travel a little farther than is practical to walk, these gadgets provide a less expensive alternative to public transit or ride sharing. They are more eco-friendly than cars and motorcycles. Moreover, they are simpler to store than bicycles – not to mention that you don’t arrive at your destination coated in sweat.

That said, using them comes with risks. Their uniqueness makes them problematic both on sidewalks and roads. They’re faster than people, but not as fast as bicycles, and certainly not as fast as cars. Still, scooter insurance isn’t nearly as commonplace as one might think.

The lack of scooter insurance has left people financially responsible in many types of accidents.

A rider can turn to his or her own health insurance – if he or she has coverage – in the in the case of personal medical bills resulting from an accident. If the rider and his or her own property are all that was affected by a crash, then health insurance will usually be enough to stave off steep financial woes.

However, when another person or someone else’s property is involved, the situation changes completely. Riders have accidentally struck and injured pedestrians, clipped or crashed into property belonging to another person or business, and have caused car accidents. If the rider is held responsible for these incidents, the majority of insurance policies simply won’t cover the damages, reported the Star Tribune.

“Under the standard insurance policy, there’s most likely a pretty significant gap in coverage,” explained Insurance Information Institute senior research specialist Lucian McMahon. “Even if the odds are low, it doesn’t mean that something bad might not happen, and owing people money or compensation for injuries that you caused them can get very, very expensive, perhaps even ruinously so.”

Scooter insurance - people riding electric scootersRiders are being encouraged to look into scooter insurance policies, particularly in terms of liability coverage. This way, an innocent ride to work or to the store to pick up the ingredients for dinner won’t lead to financial devastation.


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