SAS is a rising star for the insurance industry

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SAS Gaining Popularity in Insurance IndustrySAS gaining popularity for innovative anti-fraud, security, and business analytics solutions

SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, is becoming a very popular name in the realm of fraud in the insurance industry. The global insurance industry continues to struggle with fraudulent activities throughout numerous sectors, many of which have adverse effects on honest customers. SAS has become a leader in anti-fraud and security software and have been working to combat fraud in an aggressive manner. The firm has begun expanding its Security Intelligence initiative by establishing a new research and development division that is primarily focused on creating solutions to the problem of fraud.

SAS forms new R&D division to develop new solutions

The newly formed SAS Fraud and Compliance Solutions Division will develop new anti-fraud and security solutions for the insurance industries, as well as various other sectors such as government and health care. Traditionally, companies take a somewhat fragmented approach when addressing concerns regarding fraud and data breach. Such approaches are often futile as these companies are unable to formulate an adequate anti-fraud and security strategy. SAS  offers a more straightforward approach to these issues and continues to enhance its existing products to better serve the industries that continue their fight against fraud.

Existing services see regular updates

SAS continues to make updates to its anti-fraud and security solutions offered to the insurance industry, and has begun developing new solutions that account for the emerging trends that are putting some insurers at risk. The SAS Fraud Framework for Insurance, for instance, has received the recognition of the insurance industry for its ability to help protect companies from significant problems concerning fraud and security flaws. The SAS Financial Crimes Suite also offers a compiled toolset of the firm’s various anti-fraud and security services.

Major insurance groups show support for SAS

SAS has been the subject of increasing popularity due to its innovative services. Companies from all over the world, such as German insurer Basler Insurance and Finnish Fennia Mutual Insurance Company, have chosen SAS for its various services, technologies, and industry expertise. Generali Hellas, which is part of the Generali Group, Europe’s largest insurance conglomerate, has also turned to SAS for its analytic services and technologies.

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