Samuel L Jackson praises Obama for Affordable Care Act in celebrity tribute

In an emotional farewell video, big names from Leonardo DiCaprio to Michael Jordan applauded the president.

The Affordable Care Act received a memorable time in the spotlight in an emotional tribute video for President Barack Obama. Top celebrities joined everyday Americans and even members of the international community in the video goodbye.

This praise to Obamacare came at a time when the Republican party is already working to deconstruct it.

In the video, huge names such as Tom Hanks, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres and others shared their favorite “Obama moment”. Each celebrity brought up a different theme in their moment, which was then followed by similar stories from other regular Americans. The video included mentions of everything from the creation of the Affordable Care Act and its overhaul of the country’s health care system, to the country’s relationship with Cuba, to climate change and the Paris Agreement signing and many other issues that were addressed during Obama’s tenure.

Samuel L. Jackson specifically underscored the Affordable Care Act as his top moment.

The actor and film producer explained that Obamacare was his most memorable moment from Obama’s presidency, saying “I have relatives that can’t afford health insurance, so it was really a great thing to know that if something happened to them, they could get cared for.”

The video, entitled “Yes We Can” was released on the official White House YouTube channel a day in advance of the massive farewell party at the White House. The event on featured even more stars than the video itself.

The video also encouraged viewers to visit the website and at #YesWeCan to leave their own farewell Obama moments in time for the president’s farewell address, which is occurring later today.

Barrack Obama will be speaking in Chicago, maintaining the tradition started with George Washington in which outgoing presidents share their thoughts looking back at their time in office and looking forward into the future of the country. The address is set to begin at 8pm local time in Chicago (Central Time).

The Affordable Care Act was easily among the largest changes made to the country while President Obama was in office. The country will now be watching the Republicans and Trump to find out what will be left of it once it is repealed.

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