survey measures the value of a stay-at-home Dad

Life InsuranceThe results of the annual “Dad Salary Survey” has shown that while fathers who work conventional day jobs would earn an average annual salary of approximately $34,000 if they were paid for their parenting duties, a stay-at-home dad’s job (if it were to incur earnings), have an average annual salary of over $60,000.

Today’s dads are performing tasks that are a great deal more involved than simple babysitting. It has also been noted that their hours are typically very long every day as they work to perform a number of different jobs for their families and their households.

The results of the survey were calculated by considering the hours and tasks completed by 1,074 fathers who work out of the home and those who were stay-at-home dads. They used the ten most common tasks accomplished by stay at home dads in order to come up with their totals.

These ten tasks included cook, laundry machine operator, groundskeeper, facilities manager, computer operator, maintenance worker, psychologist, CEO, van driver, and day care center teacher.

In terms of hours, the 2011 survey identified that the average workweek of a stay-at-home dad is 52.9 hours long. By using this calculation for base pay in addition to overtime, the stay-at-home dad would earn an average of $60,128 if their work was paid.

Conversely, fathers who do work outside the home for a salary would have a 30.6 hour parenting duty workweek and would be paid $33,858. The working dad’s parenting duties were in addition to day job workweek of 44 hours long.

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