Where are the safest drivers in the US? Allstate knows

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The insurance company has released a report in which it found the best motorists and worst days of the year.

Allstate Insurance has released its “America’s Best Drivers Report” in which it identified the areas with the safest drivers in the country. The report’s insight shows a considerable difference among the habits of motorists in different cities.

This information is helpful as the winter weather sets in and greater care is required behind the wheel.

The report clearly showed the safest drivers when it comes to winter driving. Snow, wind, ice and other wintry weather can make roads exceptionally hazardous. However there are some cities that performed far better than others in inclement weather.

The insurance company did take into account that the country experiences winter in many different ways. While one area could be buried in several feet of snow, another could be experiencing sheets of rain.

Therefore, the insurer took precipitation into account as it decided on the cities with the safest drivers.

car driver highway safest driversAt the top of the list for the safest motorists was Brownsville, Texas. This took into account the area’s precipitation and the frequency of auto property damage claims.

That said, even among the top performing cities for safety and auto insurance claims, there are some days that are the worst in terms of hazardous driving.

At the end of December, Chief Allstate claims officer, Glenn Shapiro, explained that “As you wrap up the busy holiday season and look forward to ringing in 2017, please use extra caution, especially on dangerous evenings when hazards like drunk drivers and winter weather are prevalent.”

Among the reasons for that reminder was that New Year’s Day brings the largest number of auto insurance claims in the country. “While celebrating this joyful time, it’s important to remember what matters most – our loved ones and neighbors – and to protect them by driving carefully through precarious conditions on the roads,” said Shapiro.

Aside from Brownsville, Allstate identified the following nine cities as having the next best for the safest drivers: Kansas City, Kansas; Cape Coral, Florida; Madison, Wisconsin; Port St. Lucie, Florida; Huntsville, Alabama; Olathe, Kansas; Wichita, Kansas; Boise, Idaho; and Springfield, Missouri.

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