Royal wedding excitement reminds couples to review insurance and important documents

Royal Wedding Excitement - UK flag - wedding rings - hearts

This weekend’s marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was an important reminder to everyone.

Couples around the world swept up in royal wedding excitement are encouraged to look at their own relationships. All the details surrounding the royal wedding were a great reminder to check our own important details such as insurance coverage and wills.

We may not need billions in hired security, but we do need to keep our affairs in order.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle planned their wedding over months. Details included everything from the standard features from colors to clothing and from meals to venue. That said, they also needed to work out security, special transportation and insurance. For many couples, the royal wedding excitement is an important reminder to work out their own details.

This could mean looking into wedding insurance, an increasingly popular form of coverage. That said, it may also involve reviewing coverage already in place. This may include homeowners policies or renters coverage. After all, needs change throughout a couple’s lifetime.

The royal wedding excitement inspires people to reflect on their own lives and insurance.

Over time, couples accumulate more possessions, renovate and improve their homes, have children and otherwise change their lives. This evolution throughout their lives makes it important to change the types of coverage they maintain.

For instance, once mortgages, debt and dependents become a factor, life insurance may be something worth considering. Moreover, as that situations adjusts, the size of a life insurance policy may need to grow.

Couples are also advised to review their homeowners insurance policies to be sure it still reflects the cost of rebuilding/replacing their home as well as any special contents that need to be covered.

Royal Wedding Excitement - UK flag - wedding rings - heartsAside from checking insurance coverage, a report also recommends using the royal wedding excitement to think through other important issues. Estate planning is among those concerns. Issues such as updated wills are all too important, but far too many couples either don’t keep those documents adequately up to date or they don’t create them in the first place. Marriage can change everything when it comes to insurance coverage and estate planning. Reminders to put them into place and keep them up to date are important to heed.

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