Road safety in July 4th traffic

July 4th traffic auto insurance fireworks

Independence Day is the deadliest day on American roads, so it’s important to be especially careful.

July 4th traffic is known as the deadliest of the year. As Americans across the country head away on road trips and to visit friends and family, crashes happen. A record number of people are expected to hit the roads today. It’s important to take precautions in order to stay safe this year.

AAA predicted that 43 million people would head out on the roads to visit destinations over 50 miles from home.

All these travelers will be driving either to or from – or both – their destinations in July 4th traffic. In order to stay safe and avoid increases in auto insurance premiums, it’s important to be especially careful throughout this holiday weekend, especially on Independence Day. AAA defines the deadliest time on American roads as running from June 30 through the fourth of July. The last day of the long weekend is predicted to be the worst of those days.

July 4th traffic is predicted to be heavier than the long weekend for Memorial Day due to low gas prices.

July 4th traffic auto insurance fireworksIn fact, the gas prices have caused more people to head out on the roads than has been the case since 2005. Unfortunately, with more road users, it brings a higher number of accidents, damage and injuries. This leads to a spike in auto insurance claims.

The IIHS has pointed out that driving under the influence of alcohol and motorcycle crashes send the numbers higher. Riders are cautioned to take exceptional care on the roadways and to review their motorcycle insurance before heading out. This can help to make sure they stay safe and covered on Independence Day.

Recommendations to help to prevent road fatalities on the fourth of July include:

• Following the basic rules of the road – drive defensively and avoid the inclination toward aggression or rushing to arrive at your destination
• Don’t drink and drive
• Wear your seatbelt
• Make sure your vehicle is properly checked and tuned up
• Keep a safe following distance behind the car in front of you. If someone is tailgating you, leave even more room ahead of you to prevent being rear-ended
• Make frequent stops to stretch your legs and keep your eyes and mind fresh on your way to and from your destination in July 4th traffic.

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