The Most Respectful Way To Quit A Job

how to quit a job

There are many different reasons for quitting a job.

You may hate the job and be desperate to take anything else on offer. Equally, you may feel that you’re stagnating or you may need time off for a sabbatical or some other personal reason.

In some cases, you may be quitting because you feel hounded out of your job. If that’s the case then you still need to quit the job respectfully but you’ll want to have a chat with an unfair dismissal lawyer. There are steps you can take to rectify the issue and ensure it doesn’t happen to others.

But, whatever the reason for leaving, and no matter how tempting it is, blurting it out to your boss in front of everyone and telling your boss what you really think of them, is not advisable. It won’t help your references and it will burn your bridges. You never know if you may want to go back!

Here’s how you should quit a job respectfully.

Ask For A Meeting With Your Boss

The first step is to ask for a meeting. This will give you the opportunity to tell your boss that you’re leaving before you tell anyone else. No matter how well you get along with your colleagues, it’s disrespectful to tell them first. 

You don’t need to tell your boss what the meeting is about beforehand.

At the meeting, you can tell your boss you’re quitting and why. However, you don’t have to tell them the whole story. Simply letting them know you’re leaving is enough.

how to quit a job letter

Prepare A Letter Of Resignation

Once you’ve quit you’ll need to give your boss an official resignation letter. This should be prepared before the meeting, allowing you to give it to them as soon as you’ve finished telling them you’re leaving.

The letter can be as simple as stating you’re leaving or go into detail regarding the reasons. That’s your choice. But, keep it polite and professional. 

Always Give The Right Notice

Check your contract to see how much notice you are required to give and make sure that’s what you give. Your employer can choose to shorten it or you may be able to shorten it with holiday owed. But, always give the notice your contract says.

how to work it out in the office

Work It Out

Work your notice putting in as much effort as you usually do and make sure you don’t talk badly about the company or other employees. You never know when you will cross paths again. 

If you’re training a replacement make sure they know everything possible about the job to create a smooth transition and ensure you look good to your old boss.

Email Your Colleagues

It can be tiresome repeating the story to all your colleagues. Instead, write them all an email or general letter that tells people you’re leaving, that they are wonderful, and you’ll miss them. It doesn’t matter if it’s not true. Again, you don’t want to burn your bridges. You never know when or where your paths will cross again. 


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