Renters insurance now being offered by Esurance in Wisconsin

esurance renters insurance

Tenants in the state are being offered coverage for as little as a monthly ten dollars.

Esurance, an insurer that is best known for its direct to customer auto coverage, is now offering Wisconsin tenants a new renters insurance policy to cover their possessions.

This protection is being sold to consumers in the state for premiums as low as ten dollars.

The new renters insurance coverage is being offered as an add-on to the auto insurance policies already available through the company. It is available to both existing Esurance customers, and those who will newly join.

Tenants choosing to add the renters insurance to their auto policies will also be offered additional discounts.

This consists primarily of eligibility for the Renters Plus discount program for their car coverage, which can allow them to save more on their premiums for their vehicle policies.

The new renters insurance product is available to residents of Wisconsin who are leasing or renting their homes, condos, or apartments. The current customers from Esurance within that state who have an existing auto coverage policy will be able to add the tenants’ coverage at the time of their next renewal, if they want it.

The coverage itself that is being offered by the insurer includes the following elements:

• Liability costs that are the result of accidents that occur within your residence or unit.
• Medical costs associated with visitor injuries that occur in your rented home.
• Replacement of personal possessions, such as clothing, electronics, furniture, and other items kept within the rental.
• Additional living expenses that occur as the result of having to find other accommodations in case the rented residence becomes unlivable due to water damage, fire, or another unforeseen incident that is covered by the policy.

The specific details ofesurance renters insurance the policy are available on the insurer’s official website and can also be explained by a representative of that company. Quotes are also available through those two resources. As with the other Esurance products, the new renters insurance policies are backed by Allstate, which is the largest American publicly held personal lines insurer.

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