Renters insurance now available from Esurance in Illinois

renters insurance esurance

Coverage premiums in the state will be starting as low as $16 per month.

Although Esurance is best known for being an auto policy company that sells directly to the consumer, in Illinois, it is now also offering renters insurance to residents of that state.

The policies are available to both existing and new customers of the insurer.

This added renters insurance is being sold as an add-on to the auto coverage, which is the main product offered by the insurer. It is not, however, being sold as a standalone product. Current customers can add the coverage to their current car policies, or new customers can purchase both forms of cover at the same time.

Renters insurance is available to consumers in the state who wish to cover the contents of their homes.

Those who qualify to be able to purchase this renters insurance add-on are people who live in Illinois and who are leasing or renting their apartment, condo, or house. Those who add the coverage to their existing auto policy or to a quote that they receive from the insurer may also become eligible for the “Renters Plus” discount on their auto coverage. This is designed to offer the customer further savings on the premiums they pay every month.

Among the forms of coverage that the new renters insurance product will provide are:

• Replacement of personal items that are damaged within the covered apartment, condo, or house, including electronics, clothing, and furniture.
• Additional living expenses if the home should become unlivable as a result of a covered incident.
• Medical costs inesurance Renters Insurance case a person visiting the home is injured.
• Liability costs for accidents that may occur within the residence.

This insurer is owned by Allstate, the largest publicly held American insurer for personal lines. Its anticipates that the add-on coverage could cost customers as little as $16 per month. This is the anticipated average price for quoted premiums. However, the actual price that will be paid by an individual renters insurance will based on the various limits that are chosen, and the insured property itself.

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