Renters insurance is among the top recommendations for college students

Renters insurance

Once again, this year, students heading off to college are being advised to make sure a policy is in place.

College students that head out to live on their own for the first time can sometimes find it difficult to believe that the worst can, in fact, happen, and that their possessions can be the victim of those disasters, so they are being reminded to purchase renters insurance in order to protect themselves against those potential losses.

There are many responsibilities that these students face, but protecting themselves from losses should not be forgotten.

This is particularly important for students that have chosen off-campus housing. The reason that they are being reminded about renters insurance is that many people aren’t aware that the coverage that is carried by their landlords is not actually enough to provide them with protection if their own possessions should ever be damaged for various different types of reason. The policy carried by a landlord protects only the structure, not the contents.

Renters insurance helps students to make sure that the contents of their homes will be covered.

Renters insuranceIn the event of a burst pipe, fire, a leaky roof, theft, or any others among a list of disasters that could possibly happen during the length of the school year, a landlord’s insurance will cover damages to the walls, roof, carpet, flooring, appliances, and other parts of the structure, itself. However, if that roof leaks directly onto a laptop or if a fire torches an entire wardrobe, the landlord’s policy will not extend to those contents.

It should also be noted that while a parent’s homeowners insurance will cover a student’s possessions when living on-campus, that does not extend to off-campus life.

Most college students don’t realize how inexpensive contents insurance actually is, especially when it comes to the possessions that are typically brought to the average student’s home. For that reason, it is typically recommended that students receive a few quotes for renters insurance to protect their computers, clothes, bikes, books, and even any furniture that they have brought with them. Fortunately, this will not only protect those possessions if they should face covered perils while in the home, but it also makes sure that they will be protected if they are stolen out of a car, too.

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