Recent insurance fraud investigation puts high-ranking Philadelphia fire official in jail

Yolanda Stallins Insurance Fraud Investigation

Yolanda Stallings, a 14 year veteran of the Philadelphia Fire Department was arrested, facing several charges.

A recent insurance fraud investigation brought investigators to an unexpected source: a highly respected, upper ranking Philadelphia fire official. The Philadelphia Fire Department’s (PFD) website had yet to be updated by the time this article was written. It stated that the accused, Yolanda Stallings, has been with the PFD for 14 years and is an “Executive Chief of Strategic Planning.”

Stallings is also the first African American woman to be a PFD Executive Team member as a high ranking official.

Until this discovery, Stallings was called an up and coming member of the department. She was seen as a highly positive example of overcoming adversity and achieving great successes. In fact, there is even a video on YouTube in the “No Dream Left Behind” series of interviews with inspirational individuals that features Stallings sharing the way she has overcome her challenges.

However, following an insurance fraud investigation, Yolanda Stallings was arrested for a number of different charges. A Philadelphia District Attorney’s office detective found evidence that led to charges of fraud, deception, forgery, false reports and false swearing.

The charges are linked to an insurance fraud investigation into a claim Stallings made reporting her SUV stolen.

Stallings filed an insurance claim on the SUV she had reported as stolen. The claim was worth $18,500. However, the vehicle was later found in Washington D.C., completely burned. Arson investigators examined the torched vehicle at that time.

When the vehicle was first reported stolen, police sources quoted by several media outlets claimed that Stallings changed her story several times. That said, regardless of the story, evidence suggests that Stalling was present at the scene.

Attempts to reach Stallings for a comment were not immediately returned. Equally, attempts to reach Tariq El Shabazz, her attorney, were also not immediately fruitful.

The Philadelphia Fire Department has confirmed that Yolanda Stallings is no longer an executive chief. That said, she is still considered to be a captain. However, they also added that this was not in light of the insurance fraud investigation, but that this restructuring occurred a number of months ago.

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