Real time technology gives insurance agents a leg up

Insurance Agent NewsA new study shows that the number of independent insurance agents using real-time upload is going up. The study, IVANS’ 2011 Insurance Agents, Carriers & Technology Survey, shows that the number of agents using real-time upload from 2001 to 2009 has gone up by 16%.

Furthermore, the study shows that technology plays a big role in trust levels agents have with their carriers. The findings suggest that more insurance companies are investing in agents to better connect with consumers.

Agents use real-time uploads to keep consumers up to date on relevant policy information. It is a form of communication between business and consumer that has allowed more enterprising companies to separate themselves from their competition. It is becoming popular in the insurance industry as one of the best mediums through which insurers can directly engage consumers.

While the study shows that the adoption rate of real-time uploads has grown significantly in the past year – going from 16% to 59% — nearly half the agents surveyed for the study say they do not use any form of real-time upload. This is due, in part, because many carriers do not offer such a service to their agents.

President and CEO of IVANS Inc., Clare DeNicola, says that companies failing to adopt new trends in technology will put them out of favor with consumers.

“If certain carriers aren’t offering this technology or agents aren’t using it, now is the time to get engaged and find out why,” she says.

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