Protecting Your Pets: Insurance and Beyond

Our pets are our faithful companions, and we must do whatever we can to give them a safe and healthy life. A good first step is to purchase high-quality pet insurance, which will protect your furry friend now and in the future. Remember that insurance is there as a safety net, but you can avoid costly claims by creating a safe environment for your pet, so they don’t get sick or injured in the first place.

Let’s talk about the importance of insurance and how to keep your pets safe and sound.

Insurance Comes First

As soon as you bring home your new pet, you need to start researching for the best insurance for your needs. Visits to the veterinarian can be costly, with even typical services like dental cleanings can cost over $60 on average. With insurance, you can mitigate these costs. Just like with car or health insurance, you can choose your deductible and you may be provided the option of a discount if you have multiple pets.

When you shop for insurance, you will want to buy for your specific situation. If you know that your pet may need extra help down the line, then you will want to find a policy that gives the option for add-ons, including care for chronic conditions in the future.

Having pet insurance is a great idea because it is not only necessary in the case of a medical emergency, but it will also cover a portion of the cost for typical needs, including medication, regular check-ups, and even behavioral issues. If you ever want to implant a chip so you can keep an eye on your pet, most insurances will cover that as well. Best of all, insurance gives you peace of mind so you don’t have unnecessary worries and you can enjoy the time with your furry best friend.

Pet Insurance

Avoid Harmful Substances

While having insurance is an essential step for protecting your pet, insurance claims can be costly, and if you file several claims, your overall insurance premium could increase. The idea is to protect your pet, so insurance doesn’t come into play unless absolutely necessary. While there is plenty of trouble that your pet can get into outdoors, you also need to keep a safe and clean environment indoors so your pet has a safe place to call home.

Our pets are very smart, but they are also very curious, and they will eat or lick anything as they investigate their environment, so you must be cautious about what you leave around. While obvious items like pest sprays and chewing gum must be kept out of reach, there are many less obvious items that can result in serious harm, like dryer sheets and apple seeds, both of which contain dangerous chemicals.

You should also clean and disinfect your house regularly to prevent the spread of harmful substances and to create an overall sanitary environment for your pet. The kitchen can be a dangerous area, so make sure to clean off counters and mop and sweep the floor on a regular basis. When using household cleaners, make sure to read the label and avoid chemicals harmful to pets. Common chemicals found in many cleaners include ammonia and choline, which can cause throat issues for your dog or cat.

Outside Dangers

There are plenty of outdoor dangers that you should also avoid in order to limit the number of costly pet insurance claims. As an owner, you must be proactive to prevent harm to your pet, and that includes keeping them outside for too long because prolonged sunlight or heat can lead to heatstroke or sunburn. If not caught, heatstroke can lead to serious organ failure.

While allowing your pet to play outside is fine, it is important that you keep them close and not let them wander off as there is always the chance that they can get in a fight with another animal, and the damage can be costly. It is also important to keep your pet up to date on all vaccinations so they are protected if they catch a disease. 

Of course, there is always the chance that your pet can get lost if left unattended. If you do lose track, you will want to find them as quickly as possible so they aren’t at risk of the dangers listed above. If you are not comfortable adding a microchip, you will at least need to have a secure collar tag that includes their name, address, and your phone number. 

In the end, pet insurance is essential for protecting your furry friend, but it is intended to be a last resort. Take the precautions listed above and keep your pet safe and your insurance costs at a minimum.

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