Progressive Motorcycle Insurance joins the Movember movement

Movember Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

The insurer’s team providing coverage to riders are also joining the cause of men’s health awareness.

Progressive motorcycle insurance has now joined forces with the Movember Foundation. The goal is to spread awareness and raise funds regarding men’s health concerns.

The two organizations are working to spread “Throttle Therapy” awareness among other things.

In fact Progressive motorcycle insurance and the Movember Foundation are also going beyond men’s health problems. They are also looking to spread awareness about activities that can enhance wellbeing. Throttle Therapy has to do with the benefits of riding on mental wellness.

At the moment, Progressive is the leading motorcycle insurance company in the United States. As such, they seek to show their passion for riding to that community. The insurer feels this aligns smoothly with the passion the Movember Foundation has for changing men’s health for the positive. As a part of this effort, the Progressive team will be encouraging American riders to spread awareness and raise funds for issues in men’s health.

A statement from Progressive motorcycle insurance underscored the importance of men’s health to the teams.

Movember Progressive Motorcycle InsuranceAccording to Progressive Motorcycle Product Manager Scott Hall, “Raising money and awareness of men’s health issues is extremely important to us as we know that healthy riders are just as important as healthy bikes.” He also explained that one of the largest draws to riding and taking part in that lifestyle is that it functions “as a positive outlet, helping people clear their minds and foster mental well-being. We call this Throttle Therapy.”

At the launch of Movember, Progressive hosted Shave Down events in Cleveland and Austin. Moreover, Flo’s Chop Shop (a mobile barber shop) will be providing men across the country with free straight-razor mustache and beard shaves. Men can also receive boot shines and mini-manicures. Those are available at a number of different events throughout November, including at the International Motorcycle Shows.

Each time someone shaves off a mustache and agrees to post their image to social media, Progressive motorcycle insurance will donate $10 to the Movember Foundation (to a maximum of $20,000). Additional contests and donations opportunities will also be held to further raise funds for the cause.

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