Progressive motorcycle insurance gives Flo a makeover

Progressive motorcycle insurance

We may be used to seeing her in her apron and bubbly attitude, but this Flo has attitude.

In the latest ads for Progressive motorcycle insurance, Flo – the iconic ad character – has taken on a whole new look. The actress and comedian who plays Flo, Stephanie Courtney, has traded her apron for a tough new look.

The tongue-in-cheek print campaign features Flo donning new rider gear to go with her new attitude.

The Progressive motorcycle insurance campaign was designed by Arnold Worldwide. He worked with Buffalo Art Co and teamed up with Chase Stopnik, a custom bike builder. The result was a number of custom-built “Chrome Thrones” that served as Flo’s backdrop. Each of the thrones was made of various motorcycle parts. The parts weren’t chosen at random or just to look good. In fact, they all had their own meaning as representatives of different rigs.

Each of the Progressive motorcycle insurance ads featured Flo and a Chrome Throne, with a different theme.

The first image feature a sport bike. Here, Flo had a sleek, smooth and tough look. The next ad was a touring cycle. She was sitting with motorcycle gadgets in that throne in the foreground with a gas station behind her, ready to fuel up for the next leg of her journey. The last picture was cruiser themed.

This motorcycle insurance campaign gave Flo an entirely new look since she is much better known for being peppy and cutesy employee for the company. She’s normally quite recognizable for being upbeat, wearing a crisp cashier-style uniform and even for heavy perfect makeup that comes with a big smile.

In this latest string of Progressive motorcycle insurance ads, the insurer has given Flo a much different look with a lot more attitude. She’s still Flo, of course, but looking much sleeker and sexier in her gear. Still, despite the fact that she has been deemed the “sovereign of speed,” the “queen of combustion” and the “princess of pistons,” it’s all been done in a lighthearted way. The character is played as much tougher, but still in an approachable way that remains true to herself. It’s a new style that has been established with a light heart and open mind for the character.

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