President Obama`s healthcare law and the Supreme Court

Health Care Reform NewsThe United States and the healthcare industry were shaken up with the federal statute entitled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Before it was passed, during the discussions and voting and even today, there is much debate on whether or not this statute is unconstitutional. While there have been numerous cases going through the appellate courts in different areas of the country, the findings are typically mixed.

The Supreme Court has the ability to pick and choose the cases it takes on. In March of 2012, there are over five hours set aside in the schedule. They will hear oral arguments during this time. This could be a major turning point when it comes to the Patient Care and Affordable Care Act. Regulations from this act have already begun to go into effect with the rest of the plan being implemented at certain benchmarks until 2017.

Many states within the United States have begun to work together, filing a suit that considers the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. They believe that the mandate for individuals to purchase health insurance violates the states` rights to make the decision independent of the federal government. The act suggests that those who do not adhere to the new policy will have a penalty that includes paying a fine. Many believe that this is the federal government extending its hand into personal lives and individual`s decisions.

The Supreme Court`s main task is determining the constitutionality of the act. The states site not only the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, but also the Necessary and Proper Clause as proof that the act is unconstitutional. While the court`s ruling could potentially change the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, many states aren`t counting on a successful outcome. Many are working within their own legislatures to pass laws that would counteract the effects of this federal statute. Whether the Supreme Court rules in favor or against the statute, changes will continue to take place.

Many Americans originally supported the idea of healthcare reform. In its early stages individuals believed that this would be something that would save them money and provide them with better health insurance than they already had. Since the statute was signed by President Obama public opinion has taken a huge swing.

In recent polls a majority of Americans believe that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will cost them more money for health insurance than they are currently paying. Many small business owners feel the same way. It can be described as a tumultuous time for Americans as the concept of healthcare as they know it is held up in the air.

With the current economic situation, many Americans have concerns about the future of things like their overall finances and even their homes. With lower interest rates currently being offered, individuals and families are turning to a mortgage calculator to help them decide on selling, buying or even refinancing their homes. For now, many will wait to see how the Supreme Court rules on this matter.

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