Preparing your RV to get started safely this season

Motorhome InsuranceFor RV owners, the end of the winter means one important thing, and that’s the first use of their vehicle. It’s important to take certain steps to ensure that your RV is up and ready to go for a safe and enjoyable season.

The following are some tips you can use to inspect and test your systems and ensure that your RV is all set for use.

• Check the exterior – among the top issues that can develop while an RV is in storage is water leaks. Have a careful look over the entire exterior of the vehicle to make sure that the caulking is all in good condition and that it hasn’t cracked or fallen away. Be especially careful as you check around doors, windows, vents in the roof, and seams. It takes only the tiniest crack to allow a significant amount of water to enter.

• Inspect the tires – give the tires a visual inspection with an eye open for cracks between treads and on the sidewalls. Think of any crack as a safety hazard and a good reason to replace that tire. Once you know that your tires are in good condition, check their pressures and compare it to the recommended pressure from the manufacturer. Recommended tire pressures are usually posted inside a cabinet on a decal.

• Clear your appliances – take the access covers off the refrigerator and the water heater. Carefully inspect the assembly of the burner for any kind of foreign debris such as dust, nests, and spider webs. The burner area can be cleaned using very light air pressure from a compressor. Never blow a high amount of air pressure into the chimney of a refrigerator. If you aren’t sure how to do it, have a professional do this task.

Beyond these steps, you should also check batteries and L.P. items, check the hot water heater bypass valve and then fill the water, test smoke detectors and other fire appliances, inspect and test the generator, check dump hoses and valve seals for waste tank valves, and inspect the awnings and check the condition of the fabric and the spring tension.

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