Preparing for Halloween insurance claims with prevention and coverage

Halloween Insurance Claims - Jack-o-lantern

Home and vehicle owners should be prepared for accidental damage and mischief makers.

Halloween insurance claims can be tricky for homeowners and car owners who didn’t prepare in advance. That said, there are certain things that consumers can do to make this evening more of a treat.

Though most tricks are just a nuisance, things can sometimes go too far – on purpose or accidentally.

When ghosts, goblins and vampires are out trick-or-treating on Halloween, they can get overly excited and what was meant to be a small prank – such as a broken egg or toilet paper in a tree – can easily lead to expensive damage. Moreover, decorations such as pumpkins lit by candles can pose a fire risk and darkened pathways may be a liability concern.

Knowing about the risks and properly preparing for them can help to reduce the likelihood of needing to file a Halloween insurance claims or reduce the size of any that do occur.

Consider the following steps to take to prevent or minimize the size of Halloween insurance claims.

• A TPed yard – If your yard is covered in toilet paper, there isn’t much you can do other than pull it down and dispose of it. However, it isn’t uncommon for vandals to damage landscaping while they’re just trying to toss the rolls around. Your homeowners insurance will generally cover you for damaged trees and landscaping. Be sure to call your insurer before attempting to clean up the mess so an adjuster can properly document any damage that occurred.
• An egged car – A raw egg on your windshield is a pain to clean, but it doesn’t typically take too much to remove it, and it won’t usually leave any damage. However, if your car is hit by a rock or a pumpkin, dents and cracked windows can result. If your vehicle is vandalized in a way that can’t be easily cleaned or is seriously damaged, a comprehensive car insurance policy will typically provide coverage.
• Stolen decorations – Whether it’s your Halloween decorations such as a Jack-o-lantern, or the expensive solar lights you use to light your pathway at night, thieves can take or damage your property while pretending to be trick-or-treaters at night. If you’ve suffered some substantial losses and have your receipts, make a police report and contact your homeowners insurance company.

Great ways to prevent having to make Halloween insurance claims include using a battery-operated light Halloween Insurance Claims - Jack-o-lanternin your pumpkin to avoid fires, lighting all pathways very well and keeping those pathways very clear to avoid tripping hazards.

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