Predictions for the 2015 tornado season for the insurance industry and its customers

2015 tornado season insurance

The forecast has shown that it is likely that Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas will be hardest hit.

As the 2015 tornado season has already started to arrive with a frightening start, many policyholders and the insurance industry, alike, are now looking to forecasts to see what the rest of the year will be like based on the latest weather analyses.

Some of the most recent predictions have said that Tornado Alley will need to be on the watch, this year.

The predictions from various sources about the 2015 tornado season have focused primarily on activity that will happen in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. These states are the areas in which there is the greatest chance that tornadoes will happen, based on analyses of the weather. Clearly, these predictions are not entirely off the mark as Oklahoma has already faced a number of these events. The predictions are based on many factors, including the very weak El Niño. Equally, it is very difficult to know for certain exactly how the season will actually play out.

These 2015 tornado season predictions have been made based on a number of different reports.

2015 tornado season insuranceThe Storm Prediction Center, for example, has released warnings that have said that Tornado Alley could continue to face bad weather and that storms could continue over coming weeks. According to Jonathan Kurtz, a meteorologist, “People just really need to stay weather aware, have a plan and understand that severe storms are possible across portions of the southern Plains almost daily,” under certain common circumstances.

These, however, represent a more short term view of what is to come in terms of severe weather like tornadoes. It is much more difficult to accurately predict how violent an entire storm season will be. This makes it very difficult for individuals and the insurance industry, alike, to be prepared for what is to come. It is typically best to be ready for the worst while hoping for the best.

According to Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society in Palisades, New York severe weather climatologist, John Allen, who is also the lead study author of a 2015 tornado season forecast, it is possible to make some surprisingly accurate overall predictions, even if the specific daily and location details are not known. “The cool thing is, you can actually forecast what the spring tornado season will be like,” he said.

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