Pet insurance can save your dog’s life, but so can prevention

Things to consider when searching for pet insurance

Just because your animal is insured, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t lower your risk.

Dogs bring a tremendous amount of joy to the lives of their families, and this companionship is worth everything to some people, which is why pet insurance can help them to make sure that they will never need to choose between their animal’s life and their financial wellbeing.

However, coverage is no excuse for avoiding certain precautions that can avoid a claim.

It is a good feeling to know that if you have to make a claim, pet insurance will help to cover the cost of the trip to the vet, surgery, treatment, opet insurance claimsr many other types of veterinary service. But the ideal situation is the lower the chances of having to make that claim by keeping your dog happy and healthy in the first place.

The following tips are being issued by pet insurance companies to help with prevention:

• Regular checkups – most veterinarians recommend that pets have one checkup every year (assuming that the dog is healthy, this may change if illness is present) to verify the dental and overall health of the animal and catch any problems early on before they become difficult and expensive to treat.

• Vaccinations – puppies should be vaccinated within their first year and should avoid contact with all other animals (including others that have been vaccinated) until a few weeks after they’ve had their own shots. Boosters should be given as the vet recommends, over the years.

• Prevent fleas – throughout flea season, update flea control at least once per month. This is not only the least expensive and easiest way to deal with the insects, but it also helps to prevent a large number of diseases and infections that the dog can catch through these infestations.

• Parasite control – Heartworm and other internal parasites should be prevented through the appropriate medications for your area.

Purchasing pet insurance is also an important step in this process, because you will be more likely to take your dog to the vet in case there are any strange symptoms or behaviors, as you will know that if anything is wrong, it will likely be covered.

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