Pet insurance is helping more pets survive cancer

pet insurance

According to Aquarium, a software provider for insurers, coverage is contributing to animal survival.

According to pet insurance software company, Aquarium, companion animals such as cats and dogs are surviving cancer at a notably higher rate because of the treatments that their owners can afford through their coverage.

This has created a direct link between animal health coverage and their cancer survival rate.

pet insuranceFor the majority of animal owners who do not have coverage, being able to afford cancer treatment for their beloved furry friends would be cost prohibitive. However, with pet insurance, many have been able to ensure that their animals have received the health care they require to be able to survive the disease and live long and happy lives.

The company pointed out that now that technology has made it easier to buy pet insurance, coverage is spreading.

According to Mark Colonnese, the Aquarium sales and marketing director, explained that “Technology has positively impacted on the administration of insurance and pet insurance claims in the UK and US, which has helped the industry and underwriters cut costs and deliver more effective and competitive products at affordable premiums.” He went on to point out that because of this, there has been quite the explosion in the purchase of this type of animal health insurance. With this increased level of coverage, it means that more pets are able to receive the best treatments and their owners can continue to afford it.

As a provider of software to help insurers to offer quotes and provide online enrollment, Aquarium’s data has focused on the impact of technology and software on the ability to obtain coverage and the inclination to actually pursue it. Colonnese pointed out that the more consumers find that they can obtain immediate competitive quotes from insurers, the more they will inform themselves, obtain the facts they need, comparison shop, and eventually make the purchase if it is right for them.

Providing this opportunity to consumers is allowing insurers to have a larger appeal, as many animal owners rely on convenience as much as price and coverage when it comes to shopping for pet insurance, as is the case with many other forms of coverage policies.

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